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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Are you making the most of your thank you pages? After someone buys your product or registers for something on your site, take advantage of the moment and the state of your customers. Here are some tips for leveraging your thank you pages and increasing share of wallet.

Cross-Sell - If you know your customers bought something that goes well with another product or service you offer, offer it to them right on the thank you page. You'd be surprised how many people decide to go back and try again. If you offer more than one newsletter, include links to the opt-in forms for them.

Send to a Friend - After someone purchases from you or signs up for your newsletter this is the perfect time to ask them to get a friend to do the same. They've just had a super-positive experience with you and trust you enough with their information. Why not either just ask them to tell their friends? Give them something for getting their friends to sign up too if you can.

Tips - Does your product or service have some tips or tricks that go along with it? Your thank you page is the perfect place to put them!

Product Tour - If you have a video or tutorial for your product, your thank you page might be a perfect place to put it. Check out Marka Online, they sell computer bags for women and include videos of their products.

Customer Support Information - Perhaps you'd like to put your customer service hours, phone number and links on a thank you page. Did they purchase something from you? Include shipping information so your customers know when they can expect their product.

Advertising! - Make some dough on your thank you page by including 3rd party ads for affiliate products or targeted Google Adwords. Word to the wise: make sure you suppress your competition. The last thing you need your customers seeing is your competitor's ads on your thank you page.

Tell Your Story - If you've got a story to tell, reinforce your customer's decision to buy or sign up to your newsletter Make them feel better about taking an action with you by telling them the story behind your product or service. It's a great way to make your customers feel closer to you.

These are just a few ideas.. add your own, experiment, and measure the result. When you find what works, make sure to apply it across all of your thank you pages!


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