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Monday, August 06, 2007

Even though I’ve been in marketing for what seems like an eternity, I’m still amazed at the complexity of trying to do the simplest things – like distributing a press release. When my business wanted to promote a new product, I immediately turned towards PR Web which we’ve been using for more than 5 years.

In an effort to always challenge myself and to find a better service, I did some online research to find other press release distributors. My initial research came back with mention of PRWeb,,, and

Here’s what I found… Business Wire didn’t have any instructions on their site as to how to submit a release for distribution. Quite honestly, I could find any information about the services or value they provide. Maybe its because I don’t care to read websites looking for a reason to use them! Maybe I missed it… I don’t know. The end result is that I’m never visiting again.

So then I went to the next one on the list, I wanted to learn about their services but I had to go through a registration process first. I was curious so I worked through the process assuming I would find the information I was looking for when I reached the end…WRONG! Not only didn’t I find the information I was looking for but I would have to sign and fax my registration before they’d even show me their services. Different experience but same conclusion, I’m never visiting again.

Finally I visited When I opened the site I realized that this was the same as PRWeb. Apparently eMediaWire is the name of their distribution service. None-the-less, I was relieved to find a simple, straight forward approach to press release distribution. Not to mention they offer services for those who need help writing their own press releases. The distribution service is pricey, but after my recent browsing experience I’d have to say that its worth every cent!


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