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Sunday, January 20, 2008

If you're like me, you want quick hitting marketing tips to help you get results. Over the past two years, I've heard a number of requests - and received quite a number of comments - from individuals who want helpful information in a quick and easy format.

Introducing The Good Marketing Tips Blog

Today we are officially announcing the launch of the Good Marketing Tips Blog. For anyone interested in those "quick hitting" ideas that can help you improve your marketing, make money online, or increase your search engine results, the Good Marketing Tips Blog is for you.

We've launched the blog with some of the most helpful tips requested by Marketing Blog readers from how to find the right affiliate program to generating traffic to your website for free. If you have a particular marketing tip, trick, or helpful hint, the Good Marketing Tips Blog is a great resource for finding what you need to know. Check it out today at Good Marketing Tips.


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