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Friday, May 30, 2008

A funny thing happened the other day. I logged into my Google Adwords account and found that many of the keyword phrases I use to promote my ebook The Webmaster's Book of Secrets had been banned! By banned I mean that Google had included a special message on my account that said my minimum bid had to be raised to $10 per click in order for my keywords to be active.

The only phrase that was not impacted was [The Webmaster's Book of Secrets], a direct match to the URL of my website. All of my other phrases such as "improve search engine rankings", etc. were hit with this elusive change in policy.

Being an Internet marketing expert, I'm seeing through Google's pronouncement of their Quality Ad Score. Not only are my ads and keywords relevant, they are within the bounds of Google's rules and regulations.

So What's Going on With Google

My ebook reveals some very powerful techniques for improving Google rankings. In fact, many my customers have achieved #1 Google rankings using the techniques I reveal in this guide. Because Google is Google, I would argue that they have "banned" my ability to actively promote this guide using Google Adwords. Obviously they have the power and they're using it.

Having worked with PPC for some time, Google has always outperformed Yahoo! and MSN. However, as Google flexes their muscle, and more and more online marketers are impacted, I believe that Yahoo and MSN are going to have to become more effective - as more of us are moving over.

Thanks for the rant and letting me share my Google Adwords frustration. Comment if you've had a similar experience.


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