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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Creating a trade show presence that is fun, enticing, and effective takes a great deal of work. Not only must you have a trade show display that creates an impact, you also need a staff that is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient.

People skills are something not everyone has. The ability to quickly establish rapport, build confidence, and gain trust requires a skilled speaker. Your staff should also be knowledgeable of your offerings, and be able to answer any questions that your sales prospects may have.

When selecting staff for your trade show event, make sure you select staff have the following qualities:

- A warm, personable smile. The basis for any business relationship is the ability to make someone feel welcome and appreciated. An inviting smile can go a long way as an ice breaker.

-Comfort and confidence while maintaining priorities around strangers in a fast paced setting. Let's face it, no matter how friendly your sales staff are, they won't get the maximum value from attendees if they spend too much time focusing on a friendly prospect, or not enough time to make each attendee feel they have been personally welcomed. Your sales staff should be able to transition from one prospect to the next without rushing or prolonging the stay of each attendee; they should not spend too much or too little time on each potential lead.

- A command of product or service knowledge. Never let someone work a show who doesn't know the product well enough to sell it effectively. Spend time training your staff until you feel they can answer the vast majority of questions that could be introduced by prospects. Let your sales staff practice on each other before the show starts, ensuring that everyone is in gear for a successful show, and on top of their game.

Through effective teamwork and individual effectiveness, your next trade show should be a big hit!

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