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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Creating relationships with blog owners, especially those with blog's of significant page rank, can have tremendous benefits. Here's a breakdown of what you can do to create long-term relationships with high page rank blog owners within your niche. This is essential for creating in-bound links with value.

10 Steps to Creating Positive Relationships With Blog Owners!

1. Search for blogs in your niche. You can use a tool like Comment Hut or Technorati.

2. Sort your results via page rank, with the highest at the top of your list as this is your priority when searching for related blogs.

3. Visit the blogs one by one. Read the content and get a feel for what the blog is all about. Is this something you have knowledge about? Can you contribute?

4. Either write two articles yourself, re-write two Private Label Rights articles, or have two written for you for $5 - $10 each on eLance or

5. Submit one of the articles on the blog. Keep in mind that it should be a high quality, value adding article that is aligned with the subject matter of the blog you're submitting to.

6. Contact the blog owner via his or her profile or contact us link. Provide him with a compliment about their blog and tell them you just posted an article on their blog via a comment form.

7. Tell them you have other articles that are totally unique and you would like to provide that article for their blog (exclusively). Ask for permission to post it, your only condition being that you can leave your signature file at the end of the article. Keep in mind that the purpose here is that you will include a link or two to your web sites.

8. In most cases, the blog owner will agree as "content is king." Good job! You just
got another valuable backlink from a high page rank blog, plus you have just started a great relationship with the blog owner.

9. With a little work on your side you could even re-write the articles and submit them to article directories such as GoArticles for to gain even more in-bound and traffic to your sites.

10. Repeat the process...

Clearly this is another great way to use blog commenting software, but only if you're prepared to do a little work. At best (if you can afford it), we recommend you outsource as much as possible while you concentrate on marketing and building your business.

Keep in mind that you're going for quality here. Be sure to identify, prioritize, and dialog. Your quality links will accumulate faster than you could imagine.


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