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Friday, March 06, 2009

If you've been considering getting your hands on private label rights (PLR) articles or products, you should think about using new methods to fully utilize these assets for the purpose of making a living online. The fact is that many marketers have been using PLR rights to develop products that earn them a substantial living selling online products.

Private label rights products and software packages can be used for earning an online income. I have discovered a number of options for reselling or repackaging these assets in order to generate revenue and create an ongoing revenue stream. Here are a number of techniques you can use to start profiting with PLR articles and software.

Develop Bundles. By grouping related PLR products within a specific niche, you can target a specific segment. This is easier to manage and more profitable as you find niches comprised of buyers versus those who have little or no commercial intent. Start by assembling about six or seven products on the same subject. Once you have done so, put on your pricing had and determine a fair price for the offering. The price needs to be attractive and in line with what your competitors are charging. As a final step offer 3 types of pricing including no rights, reseller rights and private label rights.

Create Niche Membership Websites.
Create a membership website oriented around the products you developed. The next step is to distribute your product in the form of software or information on a monthly. You will then offer access to these products, on a monthly basis, in exchange for a monthly fee. Fees can be as low as ten dollars per month and can be raised after you have begun to publicize your website. With only a few subscribers you can create a revenue stream that grows over time. Additionally, after your first niche is established you can create more.

You can further build your membership with the help of private label products. Add resell rights for an additional fee or require individuals to upgrade their membership. You can even offer an exclusive option for the highest paying members.

Create New Products.
Once you have found a niche and accessed PLR products, you can then create unique products that meet the need of your niche or audience. As a result, you will have products that no other site is using and can shape a unique offering around that product. The benefit of product creation is that you have something unique to offer that is not available anywhere else. An additional benefit is that you can price your product independently and determine how best to distribute giving variable rights and licenses.

A fantastic way to market your product is by developing an exclusive report about the niche you are serving. When you distribute this report you can start to collect names of target customers and let your auto responder move them through the purchase decision process.

Anyone can leverage the power of PLR to begin making money online. Doing so is easy and you can get started for little money. There is some great content online, in addition to this basic article, about leveraging PLR to create your own online business. Do your research, pick a product, and get started. Try to learn from others who are using PLRs to make a living.


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