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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'd say it does... especially for existing customers. One problem we all face as marketers is that our products or services become stale. As a result, our customers can lose interest - not a good thing. We want our customers to be engaged and chomping at the bit for more.

When customers are interested in receiving more, that means they find value in the existing product and see additional applications that can deliver value. Companies that are truly successful have learned to publish updates in small doses.. this keeps the value delivered to customers available on an ongoing basis.

As new features are introduced to a product or service, make a big deal about it. I've seen so many companies add features and not even mention it to their customers or prospects - what a waste! If you are going to invest in your product or service, be sure to publicize it in as many ways as you can. This instills excitement, value, and engages your prospects and customers.

Warning! Make sure that the enhancement you promote is meaningful to customers and prospects. What seems like a big deal to you may not be all that noteworthy to those who use your product or service. This is sometimes overlooked.

Keep things new, exciting, and valuable and you'll keep your customers. Change nothing and everything will change. Customers will jump to the next big thing and not think twice. Keep that in mind when putting together your marketing plans for the summer!


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