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Thursday, June 04, 2009

...or to attract new customers? For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know I'm a big fan of new promotional ideas or marketing promotions that can help add some juice to your business. I recently cam across this innovative promotion and thought it was a pretty novel idea.

If you look at the tremendous success of the casinos, or the number of hits that receives, it’s clear that people want hope, the chance to win something in these down times, or, anytime! If you attend a business expo, watch which table has the most people standing in front of it – it’s usually the one with a spinning wheel for a chance to win a plastic mug, even though the guy right next to it is giving similar items away just by asking for one!

People love the thrill of winning and something fun to do…it’s a psychological fact.

The goal for anyone with a web site is to draw attention to it, and it has been proven that people love to win things! The “Winning Prize Wheel” application creatively helps businesses garner new clients, and drive more traffic to their web sites while collecting contact data for future marketing initiatives. Taking advantage of this type of incentive marketing will boost profits and public relations. Visitors will be excited from the moment they enter your site for a chance to win a prize or perhaps a coupon.

Getting your visitors involved on your web site is a creative marketing technique, but incentive marketing has many faces. In a retail environment you might offer a chance at the prize wheel with the purchase of a specific product, or offer employees a chance at the prize wheel for reaching a sales goal. People love winning gifts, prizes, even discounts.

Engaged people in the excitement and enthusiasm of your business or website and keep them coming back. It is good for you and your current and future customers and employees. For more info on this really innovative marketing promotion, visit Winning Prize Wheel.


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