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Monday, September 28, 2009

In today's post I wanted to provide some insight into the information sources I use on a regular basis to stay on top of what's happening in Internet marketing.

I often get questions from my associates and like minded individuals in search of reliable information. There are a few resources that I like to use on a regular basis and describe each of them in this post.

If you want to stay on top of all aspects of online marketing, a good way to do so is via targeted media. The online marketing industry, specifically Internet marketing and Search Engine optimization have a variety of resources that can give you timely information. Some of my favorite are:


Webmaster Radio

Webmaster Radio is an Internet-based radio station that has really good programming that covers Pay Per Click maketing, to affiliate programs, to search engine optimization. Shows are hosted by experts in each niche like Danny Sullivan who covers search news to other 'big names' across the industry. A great feature is that you can listen throughout your day or simply download the podcasts for later listening on your ipod or listening device.


Wow... they have a lot of information and some great column writers that you are going to want to learn more about. WebProNews provides timely information on virtually every event. They have reporters writing constantly and have other scoring SEO blogs and other news sources, compiling the information in one place for easy access. They also have great articles by third-party writers and a very active readership that is proactive in their commenting. Definitely near the top of my go-to list when I'm looking for news and current feedback.

Search Engine Watch

When it comes to search, Search Engine Watch has been around since the beginning. SEW provides everything from search related articles to updated news stories related to what's going on in search. Be sure to visit and bookmark this site.


As with many industries - blogs are a great way to keep informed on the latest goings-on in the SEO realm. The trick, however, is figuring out which blogs are worth reading and which authors are truly knowledgeable. Over the years I've read many blogs and to be honest - I still do. Below are some of the key blogs I reference on a regular basis.

The Marketing Blog

If you're reading this post than obviously you've found The Marketing Blog. Although I have experience with everything from Advertising to Trade Shows, my passion is Internet marketing. Here you'll find all you need to know about Internet marketing, SEO, PPC, and much more.

Matt Cutts Blog

If you haven't heard of Matt, you will. He's one of the most outspoken Google associates - attending SEO conferences and speaking about the Google Algorithm. Officially, Matt Cutts is the head of Google's Webspam team. His blog covers Google, technology, and some personal posts. Even though he doesn't give away the farm, Matt does reveal some great insights into Google search.

SEOmoz Blog

SEO expert Rand Fishkin provide research, news and SEO tips on a regular basis. From op-eds to SEO whitepapers the SEOmoz Blog provides useful information and even has a great feature called Whiteboard Friday's where you can get some great SEO advice.


Forums are a great place to tap into industry experts and get questions answered quickly and easily. I was a little fearful of using forums in the past but have found them to be one of my most valuable assets for Internet marketing and SEO. The other great thing about forums is that once you build up expertise in a certain area, you can share what you know with those just starting out.

Internet Marketing Forum

This forum is my latest project and is set to be released from Beta in the next 30 days. The beauty of this forum is that it was created by my marketing team in search of answers to their most difficult questions and from readers like you with questions and the need for expert advice. Registration costs nothing and gives you access to some of the best Marketing, Internet marketing, SEO, and PPC experts around. If you're not already an inaugural member, sign up today.

SEO Chat Forums

The SEO chat forums are really the most popular of SEO forums out there. Each covers a broad set of topics from Google to Social Media.

Newsletters and Other Resources

In addition to the above mentioned resources, other resources that are helpful in the area of SEO include:

Google Webmaster Tools And Guidelines

If you're not already familiar with Google Webmaster Tools and Guidelines, than I suggest you check it out. Not only are the webmaster tools essential for uploading your sitemap to Google and getting noticed, but the guidelines are helpful for knowing best practices.

High Rankings Newsletter

Not being a fan of newsletter in general, I rarely read them. However, I have found this newsletter to be helpful when trying to stay on top of changes in SEO and more importantly, accessing real case studies associated with Internet marketing. In short, it provides great advice and helps you stay on top of search marketing.

There are literally thousands of resources online for marketing, Internet marketing, and SEO. The resources I mention above are just a few that I use to stay on top of my game. The key is to always be on the lookout for new and valuable resources that you can learn from. Internet marketing is continually evolving - so should you.


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