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Monday, November 30, 2009

Chances are that you've received at least one invitation to an online webinar in the last few weeks. In fact, you've probably attended one in the last six months. Online webinars are taking the marketing community by storm - and for good reason. Sharing information online is one of the best ways to teach others about a particular topic and is rather easy to implement on your own.

I recently launched an online SEO training webinar ( shameless plug;) ) and set it up in a single day. I finally broke down and decided to offer this option of online learning because demand has outstripped supply. Webinars allow you and your business to serve many customers at once, breaking the limitations of one-on-one training. This concept of scale is not new but certainly makes it much easier to serve all those in need of specific information simultaneously.
Here are the simple steps I used to set up my own webinar and which you can follow now:

1. Register for a free trial with Some basic registration information is needed, a simple download, and you're ready to go.

2. Create a customized registration page. GoToWebinar offers a number of options for creating your own registration page.

3. Settings. Choose the settings that work best for your event. Because my event is only for a limited number of individuals and requires a registration fee, I selected an option that allows me to redirect to a payment page before attendance information is provided.  I've also listed all of the free bonuses that I'm giving away to each registered user on this page as well.

4. Set up payment page. If you are requiring a payment for your webinar, set up a Paypal page to request payment and redirect to the appropriate confirmation page.

5. Post information about your event.  In addition to a registration button include information about your event on your website or blog. Doing so make registration easy for those interested. Be sure to provide detailed information about the event (ex: SEO training) and a clear way for users to register.

6. Monitor your account. Prior to your event, log in to your GoToWebinar account on a regular basis. You may need to approve registrants, respond to inquiries, or send emails to registrants.

If you don't have much experience with webinars, I encourage you to open an account and go through the process of setting up a webinar. You'll never truly learn how to effectively give a webinar unless you take one on.  Don't be frightened.  The process is simple and the support is there. I called GoToWebinar on two separate occasions and they were able to help.  Good luck!!! 


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