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Sunday, June 27, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me how a customer's experience is often less than ideal. You hear stories all the time about rude customer service agents or front line employees checking people through the register while simultaneously talking on their cell phones... HELLO!!!

Today's quick marketing tip is about going the extra mile. As a Napolean Hill follower and someone who has benefited tremendously from understanding where to focus my energy, it's always on going the extra mile. The good news is that the concept, as simply as it may be, carry's great value.

I recently had a very good experience with this when visiting a local retailer. I asked someone if they had any more items of a particular kind in the back of the store. After waiting a few minutes, the clerk came back and said 'no'. But she didn't stop there. She said, "let me call another store to see if they have any in stock." After calling the store and discovering that they were out of stock as well, she called a competitor to see if they had the item - which they did.

She was focused on making me happy. And because she went the extra mile, I will be back to her store many times over. The lesson to be learned here is to treat each and every customer with dignity and respect. And, most importantly, to go the extra mile. This pays dividends time and again.
When you are putting together your marketing program, work diligently to ask the question, "how can I go the extra mile?" Collaborate with people on your team, your customer service group, and even your customers. By baking additional value into the marketing and purchase process, you'll build everlasting loyalty among your customers!


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