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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Achieving top rankings for your website, blog, or affiliate marketing pages is growing in importance as Google and other online advertisers continue to change the online marketing landscape.  A good friend of mine recently had his account banned by Google despite years of advertising and adhering to advertising guidelines.  Apparently Google changed some terms and made the independent determination that his claims, although backed by more than 3 years of data, did not meet their standards.

This is actually quite common
When I communicated this story to other marketers I found out that it's more common than I had first thought.  It appears as thought Google is in the drivers seat.  When I asked my friend what he was going to do, he seemed positive and said, "I'll find other sources of traffic."  This is easier said then done in the world of Google, but I give him a lot of credit for staying positive and focusing on how he could turn the situation around.

Being focused on search engine optimization, I think this type of behavior from online advertising networks is the reality that we are all faced with and something we must proactively manage.  To so so, combining both online marketing with search engine optimization, you can hedge against the erratic behavior of Google and other online advertisers.

Improving Your Organic Rankings 
How do you improve your organic ranking while focusing on pay-per-click marketing?  I can tell you as someone who wrote the book on SEO (SEO Made Simple) it's simply a matter of managing on-page optimization factors and getting links from high authority websites.  Through the development of authority links pointing to your website or landing pages, you can dramatically improve your rankings.

When internet browsers see your website or brand appearing in both organic and paid results, it reinforces your brand and positions you as a leader in your market - if done correctly.  Always focus on your target market and get in front of them with proper messaging again and again. The result can be dramatic.

Don't stop at one form of marketing.  Combine on page and off page strategies to enhance your organic results while at the same time engaging in pay-per-click marketing that is targeted and effective.  In combination, these two techniques can take your marketing to the next level.


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