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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Help Me Hit 100 Reviews On Amazon!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last week I launched the second edition of my book, SEO Made Simple. For over 3 years, thousands have benefited from the insights I provide documenting my climb to the number one position on Google - the world's largest search engine, for competitive search terms.

I have been so excited about all of the blog comments, forum posts, and emails I've received from all of you over the last week on the new book - thanks so much. Not to mention all of the positive feedback I've received on the Marketing Blog.  I couldn't be more grateful. Now, I'd like to see what else we can all accomplish together.  After this initiative, I'll share my findings in a post on how to get your printed materials, ebooks, and other resources top rankings on

One of my personal goals it to have the new edition of SEO Made Simple reviewed by 100 individuals on With your help, I know it's possible.

Will you help me? 

For those who write a review of my new book, I'll be giving you access to my special SEO video ($297 value) where I personally show you my exact formula for achieving #1 results on major search engines including Google.  I reveal my personal method for getting top rankings again and again.  Imagine what your life would be like if you could be ranked number one for ANY search term you chose?  

Not only do I reveal this in my book, SEO Made Simple, but I'm holding nothing back as I give you the step-by-step formula for achieving a number one ranking with a video where I personally show you the ropes.  If you can help me hit 100 reviews on amazon, I'll show you how to achieve top rankings.  

Let's give it a go

If you support this initiative, send me an email at with a link to the review.  I'll provide you with access to the video so you can get started on optimizing your website asap - even if you don't have any previous SEO experience.  Anyone can have number one rankings as long as you follow my proven formula.  Thanks for your support. here we come - marketers unite!  Review it


André Varga said...

Email sent. Hope it helps you.
Good job, good luck.
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