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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Creating Value Online

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Recently I was taking a look through all of the article submissions that one of my websites receives on a monthly basis to determine if there was any new, value-added content, we could publish. What I found was really no surprise. Of the ten or so submissions I reviewed, not a single one was unique. This got me thinking...

One of the reasons why so many people never get ahead with online marketing is because they don't know how to tip the scales for creating value online. Said another way, they're always looking for shortcuts. I can tell you that after more than ten years doing business online, you only get out, what you put into it.

Looking back at my example in the first paragraph, if someone wanted a link on the particular site I was referencing, or simply wanted their content published, they would only need to provide something of value. This would require that they research my site, think about the audience, and submit original content. Would it have taken more time? Definitely. Would they have achieved their desired result? Absolutely. Creating value online comes down to providing value.

The reason why you should always be thinking about the value equation is because-the more you give the more you get. If you provide the readers of your blog or visitors to your website with unique, engaging content, tools, resources, etc., they will pay you back with return visits and tell others about your site (either word of mouth or via social media).

The next time you're creating content or thinking about your next outreach campaign, consider the different ways you can add value. A good way to provide value is to offer potential customers something for free. This may include a free trial or sample. This type of promotion starts your prospect moving through the purchase funnel and shows how you can get ahead by creating value.

Focus your marketing on "value" and you will quickly see how to get more prospects interested in what you have to offer. Keep your eyes open and see how successful companies are creating value for their prospects first.  The result is that potential customers become engaged and eventually consider your product or service for purchase.


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