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Monday, April 25, 2011

As an Internet marketer, I'm always looking for new ways to create value and bring meaningful products to market. From time to time, I'll learn about a new product by receiving emails from potential partners or hearing about the latest from individuals in my circle of influence. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products out there right now that are nothing but "get rich quick" schemes.

Nothing pisses me off more than seeing these "get rich quick schemes" and there are tons of them currently being promoted online.

Just go to ClickBank or PayDotCom and you'll find dozens of these so called affiliate products that oversell themselves and are filled with empty promises. Of course they sound good and even provide evidence of success. However, I can be the first to tell you that many of them don't work for the masses. Rather, the only people making money from these promotional products are the promoters.

I only share products or promote products that I've personally used and personally been successful with. In today's world that's something called honesty and I feel its really lacking in some areas of online marketing. Don't get me wrong, not all online marketers are bad. I have a number of good friends who make a living selling other people's products - but they're honest.

Sorry for the rant but I'm old-school and am a bit fed up with marketers pushing these get rich quick schemes. How do you know if a particular offer is no good? Unfortunately the only thing you have to go on is common sense.

If the product says that you're going to get rich on autopilot, think again. The fact is that no product generates revenues on 100% autopilot. If there is one, and it actually works, I'd love to know about it. I've been marketing online for more than a decade and have yet to find one. If you honestly think you're going to get access to a real product like this through some random email, than go for it.

I'd like to extend the following offer for anyone who has an affiliate product that actually works and delivers what it promises. Show me how effective your product is and I'll write a post on it - no strings attached!


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