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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Keeping up with Social Media can seem like a full time job.  I'm not talking about tweeting, making Facebook posts or checking out what your network is up to on LinkedIn. Rather, I'm referring to knowing how to use social media effectively as part of your overall marketing strategy.

The fact is that Social Media is an inescapable, all-consuming, non-stop form of communication that has taken over our society. It's constantly in our hands as we walk down the street with a steely grip on our smart phones and other mobile devices. Social Media is reaching across generation gaps and forever changing effective marketing. 

In a world where online communication is the norm and commercial messaging is intrusive and annoying, traditional marketers may have trouble doing their jobs. That's where my latest read comes in.  A friend recommended "Think Small, Grow Big: A Social Media Survival Guide for the Marketing Professional."  

Written by Ab Kuijer, this book answered a number of questions for me when it comes to leveraging social media.  It can help marketers and entrepreneurs utilize social media in a way that boosts sales and brings in customers.

One of the perks of social media (or perhaps one of the downsides) is the ability users have to share their opinion in real time with large networks of like-minded individuals. If a consumer just bought a new product, only to find it doesn't work, that consumer now has the ability to share their dissatisfaction with all their social media friends...IMMEDIATELY. This can be a disastrous scenario for any marketer!   

So what do you do?

Kuijer illustrates how to deal with such problems in Think Small, Grow Big. He also and
provides Facebook and Twitter tutorials. He covers many different aspects of marketing, including the history of advertising and how to effectively bring traffic to your website or blog.

Establishing your brand in the online market, is a smart way to market your product, service, or business. I don't recommend a lot of marketing books but have to say that this baby is a "must-read" for both seasoned and novice marketers seeking to understand and navigate the new world of social media. 

Here are a few things you'll get from the book: How to appreciate current customer’s needs, instead of constantly searching for new clients; keeping customers happy so they will become ambassadors to the brand; focusing on customer service through dialogue marketing and social networking techniques; how to be successful by building relationships beyond a sale; building brand awareness through trust and friendly recommendations; and tons of other social media stuff that's very much on point.

So pick up this quick,informative read and take your Social Media to the next level.


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