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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Google Nexus - Move over Kindle

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blogging about technology hasn't really been my thing but I have to admit... if there's one thing I can't enough of, it's technology.  As a Google lover and hater, I couldn't help but notice their latest edition to the Google empire, the Google Nexus.

Maybe it's just me, but this looks like a direct competitor to the Kindle Fire which launched late last year and was heavily promoted this year at the same exact price point.  

Now that data carriers like Verizon and ATT are offering shared data plans, the prospect of individuals upgrading from smart phones seems pretty realistic - especially at a $199 price.

Personally I have more than a dozen different devices from a smartphones, to tablets, to laptops.  So, for me, I don't need yet another device.  However, for those who have been holding off for a while, picking up a Google Nexus, Fire, or Kindle are within reach.  I would definitely like to see less competition and fewer devices in the market because the choices available today have become a bit overwhelming.  

For Google enthusiasts, Android phones and Nexus tablets make the most sense.  For Apple fans, iphones, ipads, and other Apple devices rule the day.  At some point, I believe there will be a merging of technology and we'll move to one type of devices versus our current offering which includes everything from a 3" display models to 10" displays.  None-the-less, each day, more and more of these devices hit the market.

What's your take on all of these devices that essentially do the same thing?  What type of device do you currently use?  Would you buy another?

As consumers we only have so much money and so much time.  Although my curiosity may get the best of me, I don't know that buying a Google Nexus device is going to change my life much.  I think I'd rather spend the money on a good meal and a nice bottle of wine.


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