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Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 Marketing - What Will Change

Friday, December 28, 2012

As I was contemplating my last post for this year, I couldn't help but start to think about 2013, a brand new year and many new marketing advances which are sure to come our way.

How with 2013 be different?  I'm sure that social media marketing will expand and ad re-targeting will take things to the next level yet again.  In fact, I can almost guarantee that Google and other search engines will once again change their algorithms to make advertising generate even more in the coming year.  Consumer choice is likely to evolve as well. What does this all mean for marketers, businesses, and those trying to rise above the noise?

In my opinion technology is going to continue to influence our marketing practices but the core philosophy of effective marketing does not change.  Knowing your customers, providing value and excellent customer service are tenants that we must continue to follow.  The means to the end may change this coming year but the outcome is the same.  Those who deliver value, customize their approach, and meet or exceed the needs of their customers from a brand and product perspective are going to end up on top.

Following Brands
This coming year, I'm going to spend more time follow and emulating today's top brands and their strategies for growth.  Innovative companies like Apple and Amazon, as well as smaller start-up companies are sure to introduce new ideas and expand out perspective on what is possible.  My goal is to learn from all of them and integrate what works into my own marketing practices.

Do you have a favorite brand?  Watch what they do differently in 2013.  I also think it's important to not just watch their marketing practices but the entire customer life cycle. What do they do differently? Better?  There's always a lot to learn and following your most favorite brands is a great way to get there.

2013 Marketing Goals
My goals for next year are focused on improving the customer funnel.  From prospect to customer, to repeat customer, I know I can do a better job managing process.  How about you?  Are you effectively communicating with those interested in your services or products?  In 2012 I think I left a lot on the table and it doesn't need to be that way.

Let me know what you're focused on in 2013 and be sure to share your thoughts in the SCOOP Marketing Forum for others to comment.


angelina said...

Great post. Yes i assume as well Google and other search engines will launch new alogrithms to get it with some new for coming year as it is very much necessary to get it right in this year. Yes we should set our goals and marketing targets for this year as it is very important to plan all the things . As we go another chance to get the thing right.

Stephanie Waley said...

The thoughts established in this blog is really good. Influence of technology in the field of marketing was really amazing. It always give entrepreneurs the profit they deserve. =)

Alex said...

The means to the end may change this coming year but the outcome is the same.

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