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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How would you like to work in a place where everyone around you is totally engaged and contributing to their full intellectual capacity, a place where people are healthier and happier because they feel like they have control over their work, a place where each person views themselves as a leader, and a place where creativity and innovation are paramount?

This is precisely what magnetic leaders do. Magnetic leaders know how to energize the inner powers of their organization despite the outer pressures.  They inspire and energize people by connecting the vision, the values, the purpose and business goals of the organization to individual values and needs.  This is what motivates people.  This is what engages people. This is what empowers people to be their best.

Magnetic leaders clearly understand how to give control without causing chaos.  They also recognize how to take control by setting the direction and in this way, attracting followers.  It is a unique way of managing that engages, empowers, enriches employees and provides increased earnings.

True Leadership
Can you think of a boss that you've worked for that has really excited you?  Chances are you worked harder for that boss than for anyone else.  And what's amazing is they probably created this excitement without cracking a whip or being harsh.  This is true leadership - magnetic in fact.

When I personally consider the boss or bosses who had the greatest impact on my career, that I truly enjoyed working for, I can't help but think about the unique management style. Instead of micro-managing, they gave me a direction and the latitude to get there on my own.  Effective leadership doesn't mean looking over someone's shoulder each time a decision is being made but rather setting the course, guiding, coaching, and celebrating victory.  Effective leaders do things differently - that's what makes them so effective.

Knowing when to empower your employees and knowing how to lead is both art and science.  These skills can be learned by anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills and help others be successful. By leading and empowering others, you create a culture and environment of success.  

To learn more about magnetic leadership, I suggest you read the book The Power of Magnetic Leadership: It’s Time to Get R.E.A.L. authored by Dianne Durkin, President and Founder of Loyalty Factor.  You can get this book at or by going to the Loyalty Factor website:


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