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Monday, February 18, 2013

Online marketing has gone through several overhauls in accordance with the evolution of technology, which then makes us wonder, “What are the Internet marketing trends you should be focused on?” 

Check out the following list of Internet marketing trends that are already making 2013 one of the most exciting years ever.  These may be more than trends - fundamental shifts in online marketing that are change the way we do business online.  Be sure to read the entire post and comments to see how these influences are shaping our online marketing, today, tomorrow, and into the future...

1. Mobile marketing frenzy
By “mobile frenzy”, I mean we can’t ignore that, according to, 75% of the world currently enjoys access to mobile devices. The modern Internet marketer knows the value of offering mobile value for their clients and brands. 

Last year, mobile Internet marketing was all about making your website, making it easy to use, and searchable on mobile devices. Now, with talk of responsive design and creating a consistent user experience across every device, mobile is gaining momentum that can't be ignored. This year, it goes a step further- it's all about having a mobile app version of the website available that engages your customers and prospects alike.

2. The evolution of attribution
Attribution tracking is the process of giving a specific value to an Internet marketing action, such as a click, that ends up in a conversion. The future of Internet marketing holds continued evolution in creative approaches to tracking how different channels affect each other. Existing large analytics service providers will proceed to innovate their current offerings and will make them more available to the rest.

3. “Gamification”

Another must-consider Internet marketing strategy is the “gamification” of your brand by applying a game-design mode of thinking when producing non-game   applications for today’s engaged users.
4. Hooray for ‘inbound marketing!’

With the growth of social Internet marketing through the use of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, marketers are starting to invest in a new kind of value. Instead of paid advertisements, this year’s budget should be spent on richer content, beautiful web design, and inbound analytics to draw in your customers. Expect to see new software, as well as upgrades to current tools.

5. Internet marketing for customer loyalty and brands as influencers

By now we are all informed of the fact that attaining a customer is more costly than retaining one. Finding yourself a way to make your customers feel appreciated and satisfied in the early stages of the Internet marketing roadmap should now be a breeze. Customers nowadays have never been so connected, and with the dozens ways in which they are able to share their opinions customer loyalty is a crucial and valuable aspect to Internet marketing. Thanks to platforms such as Facebook and Foursquare, brands have been able to build followings of enormous sizes. So, jump into the pool and engage.

With the continuous evolution of the Internet, Internet marketing is bound to develop endlessly, and the list of trends just continues to grow. In summary, these technological advances in Internet marketing prove that content and design is king, brands are becoming social influencers, small businesses are going mainstream, analytics and customer loyalty are the key, and there would be more Internet marketing trends to look forward to and watch out for.



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