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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Better and Faster
As a marketer, I'm approached on a regular basis to review books, products, and ideas from some well know entrepreneurs as well as young adults hoping to make a change in a particular niche or industry.  Unfortunately, finding a real gem can be far and few between.  The good news is that every so often, I do find something that changes the game, elevates my own thinking, and is literally too good to share.

Better and Faster by Jeremy Gutsche is the latest find that I couldn't put down.  Jeremy is the CEO of and an amazing entrepreneur and author.  This book explores the genesis of creative ideas - the best creative ideas, and provides insight into how they happen.  The best part is that by reading this guide, it can make YOU better in the area of discovery, innovating faster and better, and recognizing your full potential.

The book explores neurological traps that are holding you back.  As I've always said, "Change your thinking change your life!"  It also reveals a number of ways to innovate more quickly which you've likely never considered.  Jeremy calls his six patters of opportunity: convergence, divergence, cyclicality, redirection, reduction, and acceleration. 

These finding are based on real data.  In fact, they studied more than 250,000 ideas through the audience of more than 100,000,000 individuals to discover what causes opportunity.  Wouldn't you like to know where to find true opportunity and how to use it for personal and professional development?  Of course you would. That's why this book is such a valuable resource. It's also why more than 300 brands rely on Jeremy's method to accelerate innovation.

I strongly encourage you to "be in the know".  Connect with Jeremy and start innovating.  Jeremy has offered readers of the Marketing Blog exclusive access to content which you can find by clicking here.  Enjoy the content and be sure to pick up Jeremy Gutsche's book on Amazon.  It's content you can't innovate without.


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