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Sunday, January 01, 2006

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Please note two things first:

1) Please realize that my assistants often get more than 2,000 e-mail per week. This means that we read everything that comes in, but there are times when we cannot respond to each. Thank you for your understanding.

2) I’m not doing one-on-one training or coaching at this time, unless there is a budget with 5-7 zeroes (before the decimal point). Unfortunately, until my 15 minutes of fame are up, this Dubai-like pricing is necessary to reduce the number of inquiries. My sincerest apologies that I cannot do more; I encourage you to pose your questions in comments to the blog readers, who are smart as hell and include top notch marketing executives. For information on my group SEO training classes and SEO consulting, visit SEO Made Simple.

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Media, Interviews, Speaking Requests:

Book Topic Questions:
If you have questions about how to do something in the book, please visit the Internet Marketing Forum and search the blog for tons of good advice from fellow readers, who range from Fortune 500 CEOs and webmasters to students and single mothers.

Michael Fleischner:
The best way to tell me what you think is to post a comment on the Marketing Blog or contact me @mfleischner on Twitter. I can’t respond to all questions (I do answer quite a few when possible), but the collective Marketing Blog community has some real heavy-hitters and is a lot smarter than I am. Share your successes and experiments!

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

I wanted to let you know that I am developing a new blog that shares the best in business articles. I am by no means a “professional blogger”. I am simply a creative minded entrepreneur that is constantly looking to learn and develop better ways to bring value to both the customers that I provide products and the companies I sell for. In doing so I spend a considerable amount of my free time reading the latest information on to hone my skills in the area’s of sales, marketing, customer service, business tools, new products and other general information that will help me to be more effective in my business.

I created this blog for the simple purpose to share the best of what I find and in doing so bring value to both the eager learner as well as the business that has great insight and products to offer.

If you have any great articles you would like me to re post(for free of course) please let me know. All of your re posts would link back to your website.

As an added bonus I hope this site becomes a great networking resource for everyone and brings you new business relationships and referrals.

Best Regards,

Jonathan Stewart

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
Just started reading your blog though I have been reading your tips on LinkedIn for quite some time. As a beginning blogger and someone looking to build traffic without necessarily having "product" to sell can you provide some ideas or tips that may be helpful?
Mike Willard

Vivian Hu said...

For years I've been trying to really understand what 'marketing' is.. and is confusing because people use the word in different context ALL the time...
I followed a conversation on Linked in about the differences between 'selling' and 'marketing' and someone suggested a site that seemed to make awful good sense, but the site is a bit messy and I wanted a second opinion.. so I thought I'd ask the expert.
Can you take a peek at and tell me what you think?

Lori said...

If a website with a high "home" page rank links to your website, but their actual "links" page is low or even non existent, would their home page PR still benefit your website?

Unknown said...

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Branding Strategies said...

Thank you for sharing marketing knowledge.
Branding is the philosophy to change consumers minds.
Thank you,

George L. said...

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TIna B said...

I just got your ebook on Amazon"blogging made simple" and what a great Idea it was for you to make the book "free" for a short time. Doing this allowed me to find you, get to know what your about and buy a couple of your products, without getting the book for free I may have never came in this direction because there are DOZENS and DOZENS of internet marketing/blogging books on amazon and having to sift through all of them I may have not bought your book. So I just wanted to thank you for giving up some of your sales to look at the bigger picture.. I am now a fan of your Blog!! I wish more people would do what you did...Thanks Again.

Tina B

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