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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Getting more repeat visitors is an admirable goal for any website. For one, you don’t rely on the ever-changing whims of Google for repeat visitors. Secondly, repeat visitors are more loyal, which means they are more likely to click on your ads and are more likely to recommend you to other people. And finally, more repeat visitors is a sign that you are building a unique, useful and well-received website.

Increasing repeat visitors is not terribly complicated, but it does require effort. 
You can’t just write keyword-stuffed articles for the sake of search engine rankings; you have to actually put time and effort into your website. If you’re willing to take on the challenge, here are five simple tips to get more repeat visitors.

1. Write quality content

I’m guessing this is no surprise to you. Quality content is still the name of the game. You can have the ugliest website in the world, but if your content is good enough, people will return. Quality content entices people to bookmark your website and check back regularly for updates.

What I mean by quality content is content that is written for the user and not just for search engines. Always write with your visitors in mind first. Give your visitors what they want and it will pay off in the long run. If search engine rankings are your only concern when you produce new content, you’re not going to be putting out good content. 

Quality content is genuinely useful for the readers. It is content that is compelling, honest and unique. You can tackle everyday subjects, but add your own voice to the mix. Express your opinions and come across as a unique person with a unique view. One of the most common mistakes I see from new internet marketers is a tendency to write like a third-person corporate robot. Forget what you learned in English class; go visit popular websites in your industry and notice how they write.

2. Allow Comments
Trust me; I know how tempting it is to not allow comments at all. Not only do comments force you to waste time dealing with spam, but anonymous commenters can be brutal. They’ll bash your website, bash your article and bash whatever product you were recommending. But even so, comments are great for getting repeat visitors.

Comments show that you’re not afraid to open your work up for criticism. This shows that you are confident in your work and that you’re willing to hold open conversations with your readers. That increases the trust factor dramatically. If you write controversial content, people will comment back and forth on your website and have reasons to return to your website later.

Comments aren’t for every website, though. Corporate websites and sites that just sell things directly to consumers don’t normally benefit from commenting. The best websites for comments are those that publish articles regularly and try to engage the audience. Affiliate websites and AdSense websites are great candidates for comments.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Link Out
It’s amazing how scared some webmasters are to link out. Linking out to quality websites once again shows confidence in your own website and it tells visitors that you are writing for their benefit, not for your own benefit. Your visitors are not going to just leave your website forever and forget about you if you link out to quality websites. In fact, your visitors will probably remember you as a great resource.

As a side benefit, it is generally accepted that linking out to good websites is helpful for search engine optimization. It increases the trust factor that your website has with Google. Wikipedia links out to multiple websites at the bottom of every single page and yet it still ranks well for countless terms.

4. Provide Something Useful and Unique
One of the best ways to turn your website into a visitor magnet is to provide something that is both useful and unique. Give your visitors something they like that they can’t get anywhere else. It can be some kind of specialized calculator, a tool to help them accomplish something or just exceptionally high quality content. 

The internet is so big that you can start a new article on almost any topic and there’s a good chance that topic has already been discussed elsewhere. Don’t just rehash old ideas; give your visitors a reason to come back to YOUR website. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in
online file storage, movie reviews or video games; you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

5. Update Your Website Regularly
Static content is fun because it can make money on autopilot, but you have to update your website regularly if you want to attract repeat visitors. Add new posts regularly and your visitors will be more inclined to check back with you at a later date.

A side benefit of adding new content is that you increase your website’s presence in search engines. The more pages you have up, the more search terms you hit. You reach more first-time visitors that you can then turn into repeat visitors.


Marketing Sherbrooke said...

Great list. Im all for #4, creating appealing and usefull content.

Marketingbureau ValYou advice said...

Great article. The most important thing: quality content!

Toko Online pasang Produk Gratis said...

Thank's article..

Consistent Affiliates said...

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EyemediaNetwork said...

Thats really wonderful tips for increasing visitors, it also helps to increase web traffic. Thanks for sharing.

Sparks Real Estate said...


The linking out was the hardest one to learn!

I just never put time to link out to people until recently and it has gotten a lot of attention from local blogs and even big marketing/real estate sites.

Is that in the book on Influence (Cialdini) when it says when we give something to someone, however small, most are compelled to give something back to us. That's so true for me and my site.

As always, Michael thanks for you helpful and insightful posts.

--Kind Regards,
Joe Salcedo

vickymor098 said...

Thank you for sharing tips! I definitely agree with your post. Using these tips lets you attract lots of visitors. I am actually using these 4 and I'm loving the results. :)

usa said...

Allowing comment on the blogs posts is an effective way to get the visitors back at your site, in this way the chances of crawling increases by the search engines.
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Anonymous said...

It is interesting to find that someone has taken the efforts to explain the entire process in detail. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to improve page rank!

LBM Direct Marketing said...

I like to this post very much.keep it up and thanks for sharing.

Richard Jones said...

I've come over from the dark side of the internet and am now trying to establish a proper marketing business.

One of my favourite things is adding content to my blog that describes my journey in to the light.

I hope that readers find my content fun, informative and instructive. I want it to be the shop window for my new business

mfchase said...

I believe item 3 may need some more thought and experimentation. Wikipedia certainly links out but they have massive content and are unique as websites go. A small business website linking out may not enjoy the same status and Google results as Wikipedia.

business logo design said...

I think it is difficult to update website on regularly basis as you said "Update Your Website Regularly" however we can update our website on weekly basis, but i know it is quite clear that it is very helpful for a website.

internet marketing company said...

This is very a useful tip in gaining a website traffic. Thanks for the share.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! Really helpful post for us who strive to make our blogs visible to search engines and to the public.

Kamal Kant Kaushal said...

very true...

Seo Sherbrooke said...

useful tips, building trafic is a long run task but always pay at the end! i think content quality is king while content relevancy is queen.

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