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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm fairly new to video.  I've done Webex presentations out the wazoo and even used Gotomeeting on a seeming daily basis, but never video for promotion.  In fact, it took me about 40 minutes to realize that I couldn't use Camtasia to film a full picture video.

Not having a clue on how to kick things off, I decided to use my smartphone.  Overall, the quality wasn't exceptional but Youtube provides a variety of tools to clean up your video in terms of appearance - good enough from my perspective.  Hence, the Blogging Made Simple promotional video was born.

Once I shot the video on my smartphone I was thrilled to discover the ease by which you can upload videos to YouTube.  This was an embedded feature associated with my sharing options.  Once I uploaded my video, I simply accessed my Youtube account and fixed the video's color and other dimensions.  There were also options for creating captions and callouts.  Although I didn't use these features, I image they'd come in handy for instructional type videos or lessons.

If you've been thinking about shooting your own video, give it a try.  It was a lot less challenging than I thought and can give you/your business a new way to tell others about your products or services. Be sure to share your video stores by leaving a comment beneath this post.


Jason Anderson said...

Awesome that you got STARTED!!! People need that kick in the pants sometimes. Here's a tip for the next time you do it. If you're recording from your phone, hold it sideways so that the image comes across as a wide video (vs tall). The overall appearance will be greatly improved.

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