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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Marketing Your Business to Moms

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Mothers are still one of the biggest shoppers around. Hey, moms have kids to shop for, their husbands to shop for, themselves to shop for too.  In fact, moms still make most of the purchasing decisions for household items such as food, clothing and supplies and influence purchase decisions for large items as well. 

About 34 million moms in the U.S. use the internet for research, socializing.  And of those, 70% use the Internet for shopping. You’d be a real fool not to try your hardest to market your business (Assuming it's applicable to a family) to mothers. Here's how to market yourself and your business to moms…

I honestly think mothers are some of the most discerning demographics around and rightly so. When you're shopping for not only yourself, but your baby or a child, you have to do your research carefully. Take advantage of this by making sure your PPC and ads offer advice, facts, and tips. Your metadata in the search results on Google should have some bit of advice as well. And of course, make sure you have solid articles chock full of information on your site too. 

If you want an example of this, look for online strollers and baby gear sites. Not only is there stuff to buy, but articles on what to buy and why. Moms look for quality content that provides value.

Moms Socialize
When you have a five month old in the house, you don't get much rest. So the internet has become a place for moms to connect with others in their cohort. They read, blog, write, tweet, post pictures, give advice, share and compare notes on shopping. If you're already there talking and advising, you can get the attention of mothers without annoying them and they'll be more likely to develop an ongoing relationship with your business, products, or brand.

Moms today may suffer from bouts of isolation. Working moms don’t have enough time to do anything but work and juggle the family and stay at home moms are alone with their child for eight or more hours a day. All of this drives many moms to go online to search for meaningful connections, including connections with businesses.  Focus on cultivating relationships and providing the needed connection moms crave.
Moms Share Information

Make it easy for mothers to share you with other people through social bookmarking, reviewing and sites like Facebook fan pages and Twitter. Just like the old coffee dates where moms compared notes on where they shopped and why, the online venue has become a great forum  for networking. Make sure you are there and lend something to the discussion.

Moms Feel Best in Relationships
Once a mom finds a good doctor, dentist, or school, she's generally not happy to let that go.  The same can be said for places to purchase products and services from. The best way to do that is to let moms catch a glimpse of who you really are. Be honest. Don't be afraid to talk about yourself in your emails, blog posts, and social networking-especially if you have a family. Small business owners in particular may find they become friends to many moms as they share their story and develop meaningful relationships. 

Moms Want Good Customer Service
Don’t be fooled.  Although it might be said that everyone wants good customer service, trends seem to indicate that moms have a higher standard. Research shows that moms will look for recommendations and stay away from businesses that people have had poor experiences with to a higher degree then men. Don't let that be you! 

Have impeccable customer service; add the personal touch with a 'thank you note ' somewhere in the process or offer deals and more information along with downloaded products. 
Remember, it only takes a few minutes for anyone, including moms, to write a poor review of your business, but that poor review may linger for months, impacting you negatively. It’s imperative that you make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Above all, mothers want one thing: a way to simplify their lives so they can get on with their to do’s and spend more time connecting with their family! The internet is one of the primary tools they use so make sure you are in their tool box. This doesn’t need to be a complex process either. The internet is still a business venue and just like any business venue, good customer service, relationship development, and meaningful information are all ways to make certain that your voice is heard and your business can succeed.

Thanks to Kundan Saha for today's guest post.  Kundan is a Digital Marketing Professional and an enthusiastic writer, who holds an editorial position in Prepgenie, a test prep provider that offers exam preparation courses forGAMSAT, PCAT, HPAT, LNAT, UMAT and UKCAT.


MicroSourcing said...

This particular market segment is a lucrative one for marketers because mothers are responsible for making the majority of a household's purchases.

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This case-study is very helpful and effective to know about the important stakeholder of internet marketing "moms". Your arguments are very strong and based on reality but question is that how to target them specially? because we can't judge that how is searching and visiting on a particular website or product.

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Bipop said...

I am a mother and I have my own business. It's hard to work, but it's not impossible. I get a lot of e-mails with comercials - to be honest - I don't read them at all...

Unknown said...

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