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Monday, August 17, 2015

SEO Made Simple 5th Edition Review

Monday, August 17, 2015

When people think about search engine optimization (SEO), they can't help but do a quick Google search for information that can help improve organic rankings.  When looking online for SEO resources, you'll likely find conflicting information - this is why it's so helpful to use a simple guide that only shares the best practices for improving website rankings.

SEO Made Simple 5th Edition

There's lots of information available online on SEO best practices.  However, information related to the organic search changes regularly as Google improves their ranking algorithm. As such, the best place to find the latest and most accurate information is by follow leading SEOs who work across numerous websites and industries - specifically within the SEO field. This ensures access to the most effective strategies from those getting real-world results. 

SEO Made Simple 5
In this book, SEO Made Simple (5th Edition), you'll discover the latest information on optimizing your website for improved organic rankings. It's designed to cut through the clutter and misinformation that can be difficult to navigate. The book has been recently updated to educate those interested in search engine optimization in both the standard optimization techniques required to get them most from your website as well as advanced techniques to further enhance organic results.

There are a number of topics that have been updated to further enhance SEO results for your website. An updated section on developing an authoritative link profile is worth 10x the book's value as it shows how you can easily attract quality links to your site. This improves website authority and organic rankings.

The second area that has been significantly update is the information on local  and mobile search which is now driving more than half of all search engine traffic. If you are a business owner or trying to promote your business online, this is critical to the success of your organic marketing.

People who purchase SEO Made Simple 5th Edition will be impressed with the level of detail and simplicity related to learning and implementing effective search engine optimization strategies.  The book has been updated for 2016, reflecting this year's changes as well as pre-planning for upcoming changes announced for next year.  


--SEO Made Simple (5th edition) has been updated with the latest techniques for proper search engine optimization.
--The book has been updated to include information on local and mobile search.
--Strategies included have been proven effective across thousands of websites.
--Top selling book in the category, more than 30,000 sold.
--Techniques are presented in a very simple format, ideal for beginners and intermediate SEOs who want to improve organic rankings.
--Additional resources are included with the book at no additional cost.

--None to mention

Get started today optimizing your website, blog, and other digital assets.  Join the tens of thousands of individuals enjoying more organic traffic thanks to the powerful strategies revealed in this top-selling SEO guide.  SEO Made Simple 5th Edition is the best SEO book available today.


Paige said...

No cons--that's a great book! Thank you for sharing your review.

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