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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

3 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

If you're a local business, you have to do what you can to get noticed online. About 80% of all mobile searches are focused on returning local business results. If you're not listed, you're not attracting new customers.

Here are 3 important ways to optimize your business for local search according to Big Fin SEO.

1. Google My Business. Make no mistake about it. Google My Business is the largest and most important local directory on the world wide web. So why have so many companies not spent more time verifying and optimizing their listing? By taking the time to verify your business address through phone or postcard, you take an important step towards increasing your online exposure.

Once your listing is verified, the next step is thoroughly complete your listing. This includes your basic business information like address and hours. Additionally, take the time to enter your key products and services with as much detail as possible. The next step is to add photos to your Google My Business Listing. Photos and maps get the most engagement among all possible content.

The final step is to update your listing with regular posts. Content should include updates about your business, highlights of new products or services you're offering and even and information that's important for your customers to know.

2. Yelp and Other Apps. In addition to Google My Business, there are other directories and applications where your business should be listed. For example, Yelp is a major resource for people searching for restaurants, shops, and other retailers. If you sell direct to consumers, consider listing your business in Yelp. If using the free listing, be sure to add as much information as you can about your business and use the same information provided to Google My Business.

Yelp also offers additional options such as an enhanced listing that allows you to eliminate competitors from search results pages and more. Consider an enhanced listing or advertising to drive more traffic to your business.

Lastly, consider other top tier directories, especially local ones, that potential customers may use. In addition to the benefit of being listed, many of these local directories will link to your website, providing valuable inbound links that can improve your rankings.

3. Share Valuable Content. Whether you're producing content via a blog or social media, developing engagement around your brand is essential. Google is placing more and more value on content that engages customers and answers important questions. Through a comprehensive content strategy, you can create interest in your business and what you offer.

The most successful local businesses are not only seen as vendors but resources for consumers. How can you be of service to your audience? If you're a restaurant, are you providing recipes, information about food preparation, the latest fundraiser at your store?  Think about your audience and the type of information they want to receive. Work with a freelancer or social media manager to produce value-added content on a regular basis.

BONUS: One additional thing to consider is Google's move to mobile-first indexing. Don't underestimate the value of mobile. Most importantly, make sure your website is optimized for mobile search. If you're looking for website development or local search engine optimization, it's important to focus on mobile which comprises the majority of online searches.


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