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Sunday, January 01, 2006

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Please note two things first:

1) Please realize that my assistants often get more than 2,000 e-mail per week. This means that we read everything that comes in, but there are times when we cannot respond to each. Thank you for your understanding.

2) I’m not doing one-on-one training or coaching at this time, unless there is a budget with 5-7 zeroes (before the decimal point). Unfortunately, until my 15 minutes of fame are up, this Dubai-like pricing is necessary to reduce the number of inquiries. My sincerest apologies that I cannot do more; I encourage you to pose your questions in comments to the blog readers, who are smart as hell and include top notch marketing executives. For information on my group SEO training classes and SEO consulting, visit SEO Made Simple.

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Media, Interviews, Speaking Requests:

Book Topic Questions:
If you have questions about how to do something in the book, please visit the Internet Marketing Forum and search the blog for tons of good advice from fellow readers, who range from Fortune 500 CEOs and webmasters to students and single mothers.

Michael Fleischner:
The best way to tell me what you think is to post a comment on the Marketing Blog or contact me @mfleischner on Twitter. I can’t respond to all questions (I do answer quite a few when possible), but the collective Marketing Blog community has some real heavy-hitters and is a lot smarter than I am. Share your successes and experiments!

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