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Thursday, August 17, 2006

By Michael Fleischner Marketing Expert, Internet Marketing Secrets*

With the proliferation of websites, blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts, and other communication tools, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages, new products, unbeatable offers, and other opportunities on a daily basis. Marketing professionals are challenged with finding new ways to reach consumers despite ever increasing promotional noise and clutter.

So many of today's marketing executives and product development professionals still believe that building a good product, is all you need - consumers will seek them out on their own. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In today's marketplace, having a good product or service is simply the cost of entry. And unfortunately, because of clutter, may never get noticed even if a prospect is looking for it.

Marketing made simple.

Although one could argue that the traditional pillars of marketing (product, place, price, and promotion) are still required for the effective marketing and selling of products or services, they alone are not enough to cut through clutter. The only true weapon against clutter is relevancy. When a product or service is seen as being relevant to the specific needs of a prospect, then you've successfully overcome the clutter that prevents consumers from taking notice of your product or service.

How to make your marketing relevant.

To be relevant, you must first have a firm understanding of your audience. Ask yourself, "Who is my prospect? What does he or she need? Want? How does he or she like to be communicated to?" It's only after you have a deep understanding of your audience that you can begin to shape promotional marketing messages that can consistently differentiate your offering and be seen as unique in a sea of noise and sameness.

Once you've gotten a grasp on your audience, you need to apply an ongoing approach of refining your marketing message, offer(s), and campaign timing. If you apply just a little discipline towards testing and measuring the effectiveness of these marketing components, you can quickly determine the best formula for reaching your prospective audience regardless of competing noise. After you become relevant, deliver an experience.

Now let's assume that you've been paying attention and you have accomplished the need to be relevant, what then? In order to take a prospect that final few inches, to where they try or purchase your product, you must be capable of describing or delivering the experience you can provide. In an increasingly commoditized world, prospects differentiate the products or services they chose by the experiences they can or do create.

Keep in mind that giving a consumer a positive experience goes beyond the obvious. Be sure to take a customer centric approach and work towards an incredibly positive user experience. This will set you apart from your competition and help you build your brand.

* Michael Fleischner is a marketing expert and the president of, the Internet’s biggest source of marketing information and free marketing resources. He has more than 12 years of marketing experience and had appeared on The TODAY Show, Bloomberg Radio, and other major media. He can be contacted at Visit for further details, Internet marketing secrets, or more FREE reprint articles.


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