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Friday, May 04, 2007

From my previous post, you know that social bookmarks are the here and now. They provide users the ability to tag an article or meaningful content on a variety of social bookmark sites.

When users visit the main site, such as Delicious or Blink, they are quickly confronted with the day’s top bookmarks from the social community using that bookmark tool. This makes the organization of information timely and most of all relevant.

Each social bookmark site has a slightly different audience and feel to it. To find out what I mean, just spend a few minutes reading the top headlines from the various bookmark sites. You’ll see that many of these communities work in tandem and consistently identify a certain type of information. Therefore, some bookmarks may be more valuable to you than others.

So, how can you use bookmarks as a powerful marketing tool?

Because of the proliferation of these sites, companies like have developed tools to facilitate bookmarks on multiple social bookmark sites. Additionally, each bookmark site has its own button you can download and place in and around your content. Personally, I like because a single button provides access to all bookmark sites.

Whenever you publish new content to your website, it should include a bookmark icon –allowing users to tag the information. This does two things for you that are beneficial:

1. Creates a link from the bookmark site to that specific webpage (great for SEO)
2. Displays a tag (which reference your page) to other individuals in the social bookmark community referring your page (great for generating awareness and traffic).

To make social bookmarks work in your favor, you need to continually create new and valuable content. I know it seems like marketing 101, but content – valuable content- is still king!

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