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Friday, July 06, 2007

The Great Turn-a-Round...

Friday, July 06, 2007

For those of you who never read or heard about the Harvard Business Review (HBR), you'd be amazed at the insight it provides into building companies and improving your marketing. I for one was always intimidated by "elite" papers like the Harvard Business Review, New York Times, etc. Once I got the nerve up to give them a read I found that my assumptions were false. Both of these periodicals and others like them are actually easy to read and incredibly valuable.

Last night I was discussing one of the recent articles from HBR. This particular one was about a company that thrived under its current leadership. But when the current leadership left, it went down hill.

Soon thereafter, leadership returned with the added responsibility of turning around an ailing company - one that was at the top of the industry just a few years before. How on earth can you manage such a daunting task? Especially when the momentum is in the wrong direction?

Well, I'll tell you how the returning executive handled it...FOCUS! But what to focus on? How's this for simplification: Products, Quality, and Service.

That's right, developing "must have" products that work and delivering service excellence. Think about the companies you buy from. Do they have products that meet your needs? Do they provide the level of service you require. Sounds simple but not always well executed.

Think about the company you work for. Do you consider the products really cool or must-have? What is the service like? Friendly? Helpful? Consistent? If you're going to turn-a-round your own business, focus on Products, Quality, and Service.


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