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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nothing New About Link Building

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Everyone knows that building links to your website is essential for increasing search engine results. I recently got a question regarding the methods I use for building effective links. After responding with a thorough discussion about researching websites, finding possible link partners, and a variety of link building ideas, I reached a simple conclusion... stick to the basics.

Even though the "basic" approach to link building isn't sexy, it works. Here are just a few techniques you should focus on for building quality links to your websites.

1. Find authoritative websites in your industry. Look for those websites that list a number of your competitors and approach them for an inbound link or link exchange. These sites command a high PR and are subject matter related.

2. Develop a link exchange program. When you exchange links with a site, the overall value to Google and other search engines isn't as high as a one-way link but it does improve your rankings. Take your time, find the right sites, and make sure that the Google PR of the site that's linking to you is the same or better than your outbound link.

3. Link to something of value. Get other sites to link to you by offering something they do not have on their website. A widget, tool, or content can be enough to encourage a link to your site. Let others know what you have and what's in it for them. You'd be surprised how quickly people will link to something that ads value to their website or webpage.

Find more link building tips and strategies like these in The Webmaster's Book of Secrets.


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