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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's finally here! Announcing The Webmaster's Book of Secrets by me... Michael Fleischner.

Increasing search engine results is one of the most difficult yet rewarding aspects of online marketing. Ever since I began marketing on the Internet in 2000, I've been amazed by the ability of some marketers to understand and leverage the power of organic search results - driving tons of FREE traffic to their website(s). The challenge associated with improving search engine rankings is that there are a series of complex factors that can change your rankings each and every day.

However, there are some proven, "tried and true" methods that top Webmasters use on a regular basis to ensure that they are at the top of Google and other major search engines. From my perspective, optimizing for Google is the most important thing a Marketer can do for his business, website, or landing page. I've spent the last three years focused on Google and improving search engine results for my main website,

I have personally learned so much about SEO and Internet marketing that I've worked hard to compile EVERYTHING I've learned and used for top Google placements into an ebook that I'm sure you'll benefit from. The Webmaster's Book of Secrets reveals everything you need to know for reaching the #1 placement on Google - the world's largest search engine.

This guide provides a detailed explanation of both on-page and off-page optimization factors used by leading Webmaster's for improving search engine rankings. With top Google placements, your traffic will soar! Thanks to all who have contributed to this long-in-coming publication (ebook) as well as all those "SEO Master's" who have shared their personal secrets with me and have allowed me to reveal them here.


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