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Monday, March 24, 2008

Many of you know that I have published a variety of helpful marketing and SEO tools during my career. Recently, one of my colleagues asked if I could publish their review of the popular ebook, The Webmaster's Book of Secrets. Well, here it is...

"The Webmaster's Book of Secrets combines the latest SEO information with the knowledge and experience of top webmaster's. This downloadable ebook is packed with helpful information and advice that works.

Whether you are new to Internet marketing, or an experienced veteran, the tips and techniques revealed are guaranteed to improve your search engine ranking on the world's largest search engine - Google, as well as other leading search engines like Yahoo! and MSN.

The book itself is divided into two main sections. The first section covers the all-important aspect of search engine optimization referred to as on-page optimization. Simply said, the book tells you everything you need to do on your website to ensure that Google and other search engines can quickly and easily categorize and place your content. Applying these techniques alone have provided tremendous benefit to websites looking to improve rankings. Coupled with the techniques provided in the second section, off-page optimization, this is a must-have guide.

In part two of this book, off-page optimization, the author reveals the most effective techniques for achieving top Google rankings. These proven methods are easy to follow and many can begin to be implemented within 24 hours of reading the book. Even traditional techniques like directory submission are thoroughly explained and reviewed. Many short cuts are given that save hours (even days) of your time.

All of the success stories associated with The Webmaster's Book of Secrets are true. After applying many of the techniques in the guide, my website jumped many positions towards the #1 ranking on Google for at least three of my most important keywords.

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