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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Many people have been asking me about the change in Google results that we've been seeing this year. When doing a search for “Amazon” or other leading authority websites, you may notice that Google has a search box embedded with the results. In this scenario, you are directed to the website via search results.

The search button in our Amazon example says, “Search” and the results that are displayed are upon the Google site of different keywords results for the website. The same holds true when doing a search for DMOZ.

But you’ll notice that when searching for DMOZ, Google has an additional feature. Not only is there a handy-dandy site specific search box for DMOZ, but there are also sitelinks listed as well. Google Sitelinks is another feature that is rolling out more broadly for older authority websites tthat serve specific popular pages.

Generally, a website has to be online for more than 2 years, be in the number one position in the SERPs and have many back links to it before Google will generate site links for a website. By offering two methods of searching an authority website, Google is doing both searchers and authority sites a favor.

We’ll have to wait though, on how those in the number two through 10 positions feel about this extra real estate devoted to the website in the number one position. With the added exposure, top search engine results are bound to attract even a larger share of organic traffic.

What can you do about this year's development? Focus your Internet marketing strategy around a few key sites. Get those sites ranked in the top position and focus on keeping them there. There may require some consolidation of sites and a refocusing of your attention on link building and other off page optimization techniques around a single theme.

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