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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Can You Earn Money With Adsense?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

How much can you earn with Google Adsense? One website I work with sees about 10,000 uniques a day earn about $50 a month. However, another site with the same traffic may earn $5,000. It is not easy to predict how much you will earn from Google Adsense. The only true way to learn about the earning power your website has with Adsense is to implement it.

Your Google Adsense Earning Power depends on a number of factors:

1. The Responsiveness Of Your Audience. For example, a travel website that provides information on travel to Italy will attract visitors looking for ways to arrange their travel plans and spend money on their vacation.

Your site might provide the information but the Adsense ads will provide hotels, travel agencies, tourist destinations, car rentals. These ads are highly likely to get the attention of the users of your site. This is a site that will most likely do well with Adsense. However, if you are a gaming website where the main purpose of auser is to play games on your site, then Adsense will not perform as well.

2. The format of Your Ads. Some ad types and formats do better than others. This depends on your content and layout. For some sites, large rectangles in the middle of the content is best, while skyscrapers may not generate as much as income. Experiment and measure the results to determine which formats work best for your site.

4. The Display Color of Your Ads. Sometimes ad perform better based on color and the contrast they have with your website. Experiment with blends as well as custom match.

5. The Number of Ad Units Per Page. Some sites are limited to 5 ad units per page, comprised of display ads, links, and a search box. Consider the appropriate number for your page based on usability and design. You want users to click through your ads at a high rate, so focus on layout.

The key with optimization Adsense revenue is to start with a baseline. Determine your weekly earnings before making any changes. Then, make a small change to your settings and run your ads for 2 weeks. Measure the results. Keep making small changes and experimenting to find which ad set up generates the best results.


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