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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello all you Marketing Mavens out there... just a quick announcement that may be of interest to those seeing SEO training for small to large groups.

Today it was announced that, a leading provider of free Interment marketing tools, information, and resources is now offering SEO training for small and medium-sized businesses.

“Anyone can Learn SEO with the help of leading SEO experts and proven techniques that have helped dozens of companies achieve #1 Google rankings,” according to Michael Fleischner, the company’s founder and President. “I’ve been working with web sites seeking top search rankings for more than 5 years. Each of the sites has dramatically improved results by applying the right SEO techniques.”

Improving search engine rankings seems to dominate the attention of small to medium sized companies who can’t afford the high price of pay-per-click advertising. As a result, more time is being spent on SEO and learning how to improve organic results versus incurring the ongoing expense of Internet marketing that produces marginal results.

Today’s most popular search engine, Google, accounts for more than 67 percent of all online searches. Companies are optimizing their web sites for Google and seeking resources to do so. SEO consultants can offer theoretical advice that may or may not get implemented. Customized training programs provide businesses with detailed guidance on achieving their search engine optimization goals.

MarketingScoop’s SEO training is available in 1-day or 2-day sessions and is reasonably priced. In this program, students learn a step-by-step process for increasing search engine result placements for any web site or blog; techniques for improving on page optimization, and special techniques for increasing the number of in-bound links to enhance overall site value. These factors improve ranking for any keyword or keyword phrase, generating more organic traffic and lowering online marketing costs.

As more web sites place emphasis on improving the natural search results, demand for SEO training continues to grow. As more companies invest to learn SEO, MarketingScoop continues to expand their offering and provide world-class content, tools, and resources for Internet marketing success. To learn SEO and more about MarketingScoop’s SEO training, visit


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