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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Given the tremendous success that Twitter is enjoying these days and because I think it's a really neat tool for all of us to use, I wanted to give you some additional background on Twitter and explain why using it can be beneficial for you and your business.

What is Twitter and what can it be used for?

Twitter is a social media tool that allows its users to interact with one another by answering the question "what are you doing right now?" in less than a 140 characters which equates to about 20 words or so.

In a relatively short period of time Twitter has created a mass following. From Celebrities to business owners through out the world, Twitter allows the immediate interaction with an engaged audience be it large or small.

Some of Twitter's most highly followed entities are Ashton Kutcher and President Barrack Obama. The later has even announced the selection of his candidate for Vice President of the United States simultaneously via text messaging, email and Twitter.

Twitter is used nowadays by businesses from many walks of life. Many of them are twitting because it allows them the ability to inform and interact further with their current and prospective clients.

Who can join Twitter?

Anyone can join twitter and begin twitting in minutes, it is completely free. It's also very easy to do and doesn't take long to sign up for an account.

Why should I be following the MarketingBlog on Twitter?

Our tweets provide ongoing updates on how to improve your online marketing in a cost effective manner. When we find an interesting case study, technology or helpful anecdote that businesses and professionals can benefit from, we share it with our readers.

We tweet on a daily basis on topics that are vital for your marketing and its advancement. By connecting to @mfleischner you will be kept in the know on issues of online marketing, SEO, search marketing and a number of social media topics.

How do I get started using Twitter?
1. Go to
2. Click the get started button.
3. Enter your name, a password and an email address.
4. Use the settings button to add a bio of yourself or add a photo.

How do I follow the Marketing Blog on Twitter?

Once you are logged in go to and choose the follow button. It really is that simple!


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