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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

About a year or two ago I was sitting at my computer and started Google-ing to find an answer to a pretty difficult marketing question. Essentially I was looking for someone out there who was facing the exact same Internet marketing issue and had a quick response. 

After searching and searching, I found nothing. Because I'm so persistent, I took my search off line and started to tap into my network of marketing related colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. It took me quite a bit of time, but I got the answer I was looking for.

Then it dawned on me. Why wasn't it easier to find the answer I was looking for online? Surely someone somewhere must have asked the same question, engaged others, and shared their answer on a blog or web page! From that struggle, the Internet Marketing Forum, on my main web site was born.

Earlier this year, I launched the forum to serve as a marketing community. As is the case with any marketing community, it's success is based on the interest of those who inhabit it to be there, engage, and interact with one another. Based on user feedback, I recently made investments in the forum to improve usability and cover additional topics for community members to share successes, failures, and experience.

I encourage each of you to get involved in the Internet Marketing Forum today. It costs nothing to join and will serve as a great resource for getting your most difficult marketing related questions answered. Please let me know what you think and how we can encourage others to learn about the forum. It is my goal to build a marketing community for us to learn, contribute, and grow.


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