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Friday, November 13, 2009

This week I had the honor of presenting with fellow consultant Kristina Dooley at the Independent Educational Consulting Association in Charlotte North Carolina. And one thing is for sure. These folks had social media on the brain! We had a great presentation filled with independent consultants, private secondary schools, and college administrators all wondering how they could use social media to improve their business.

Whether you're looking to generate traffic to your website or generate qualified leads of some kind, social media is where it's at. Our presentation covered all aspects of social media using a new term we coined called "Organic Marketing". I derived this concept of organic marketing after hearing Kristina talk about the impact that social media has on ones brand.

What does your social media say about you? Have you done a Google search for your name, your business's name, or institution? If you haven't lately, I advise you to do so. When others are searching for you online what will they see? More often than not, many of your results will point to social media accounts if available. If not, then you have a great opportunity to shape your online brand.

Take Kristina for example. Just Google here name Kristina Dooley and you'll find a linked in profile, and listing on Listorious, Facebook and other social media sites. Here's a woman who knows how to manage her brand. Consider what impact you're having using social media. Be proactive and shape your brand using the free social media sites that are out there.

In addition to shaping your own brand consider your company's brand. This Organic Marketing presentation provides everything you need - including some kick a$$ tools that can help you effectively manage multiple social media accounts. Good luck with your social media efforts and be sure to comment after viewing our IECA presentation on Organic Marketing!


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