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Friday, October 01, 2010

Internet marketing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, it's limitless. I have been honored and blessed with meeting so many amazing people in the Internet marketing world, that I'm always learning new things that can provide value. That's also the case when it comes to affiliate marketing.

I used to think that affiliate marketing was just about making money. And to some extent it is... but only if you provide value to those you're marketing too. Take for example the recent introduction of new stuffed animals, pillow pets. Not only is the manufacturer selling these "pets" directly to potential customers, but so are affiliates. From my perspective, affiliates are adding value because they are increasing the size of the market and creating a competitive marketplace.

Just like placing two fast food restaurants next to one another, affiliate marketing around a given product or service expands the market. This has been scientifically proven and makes sense when you think about the lone pharmacy sitting in the middle of nowhere. You're much more likely to visit a set of stores during a single trip if they are all in the general vicinity.  This also creates healthy competition which raises service levels and keeps costs low.

To me affiliate marketing plays on the same concept. It concentrates resources and creates a competitive marketplace, driving down costs and forcing vendors to provide additional value if they wish to get your business. If you think affiliate marketing isn't a big deal, check out affiliate marketing sites like AffPortal or Clickbank and you'll find a whole online industry of resellers.

If you haven't considered affiliate marketing to be a key component of your online marketing campaign, I advise you to think again. Whether you are a vendor looking to broaden your distribution or an affiliate marketer looking for products to resell, affiliate marketing adds value to the online marketing arena.


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