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Saturday, December 11, 2010

This morning I was sifting emails and realized that I've been receiving a large number of emails that I probably should have unsubscribed from by now. You know which emails I'm talking about - the ones that don't annoy you enough to unsubscribe from but at the same time provide absolutely no value.

I also noticed that a number of the emails are actually somewhat difficult to unsubscribe from. Not only is this boarding on violating CAN SPAM legislation from years ago, but is simply a nuisance. My first thought as a Marketer was to create a master list of companies that one can receive email from and then rate how frequently emails are sent (daily, weekly, etc.) and how valuable they truly are. Now that would be a long list!

For example, companies like Vista Print send TONS of emails once you buy something from them. Is this really necessary? I guess they're making money from it all but the good news is that it's relatively easy to unsubscribe. Have you had an annoying experience with email? I bet you have. We've all experienced messaging that was either excessive or just not useful.

National Email Unsubscribe Day January 3, 2011
Instead of building a list I thought it might be even better for Marketers and Consumers to do a little house cleaning, I mean email purging. Personally, if someone is receiving my emails and just deleting them, I'd rather they not be on my list form a marketing perspective. Having a clean email list is great for us because it allows us to better understand our true reach and effectiveness with marketing campaigns.

From the consumer side, why fill up server after server with useless junk. Think about how much more productive we'd be if we didn't have to wade through hundreds of unwanted emails each week.

Instead of just talking about it, I really want to do something about it... but I need your help.

I'm declaring January 3rd and National Email Cleanup Day. That's right.. in the beginning of the new year, I'm picking a day for all the world to unsubscribe from unwanted emails, delete emails that have been lying in your Inbox or saved folders for more and a few months, and make a statement about careless marketing tactics. Essentially I'm asking you to help me cleaning up our virtual world. Fewer emails means less computing power needed, less waste, less pollution, and more free time. Will you help me spread the word?

Can we spread this message throughout the world? I think we can. Send a link to this post to 3 of your friends or simply send them a message about January 3rd. Facebook it, Tweet it, share it on your favorite social media site. Let's see how we can change the world with just a few emails :), posts, and shares!


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