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Sunday, April 22, 2012

improve alexa ranking
The value of a good Alexa ranking has been debated among Internet marketers for some time.  Those of us who know the value of metrics, regardless of their credibility, know that website owners (and buyers) look at Alexa ranking to get a general sense of website traffic and popularity.

Alexa is actually owned by and provides a ranking of web sites on the internet according to a system of their very own. The way it functions is quite simple. Alexa accumulates data from all over the web through their Alexa toolbar which is installed on millions of computer systems in the world. So by understanding customer behavior they rank web sites on metrics.

Why you should care about your website's Alexa Ranking...
Yes, you should care about your ranking if own a website or manage a blog.  For example, being a blogger is all about influence and reach.  A blogger's primary goal is to grow and expand web presence - something that Alexa theoretically measures.  As you attract more visitors to your website, your Alexa ranking grows. It's not too difficult to attain a good Alexa ranking if you know what to do.  I'll show you a few basic things you can do easily to can get your website under an Alexa ranking of 100k easily!

Is Alexa Ranking Alexa Ranking accurate?

It's accurate according to standards but not with global web standards. This is due to the fact that not every computer has the Alexa tool bar installed.  In fact, fewer and fewer browsers do. As such, Amazon may be integrating other factors (such as Amazon wishlist, etc.) to provide support to their algorithm.  So the data accumulated by Alexa is extremely minimal but in the same time quite effective because it's primarily installed by Bloggers, Webmasters and Internet enthusiasts.

Did you know: My site, is ranked 28,621 on Alexa

How Do I improve Alexa Ranking?

If you've been reading this article, then you must be interested in improving your Alexa ranking.  The closer to "1" your Alexa ranking is, the more popular your website or blog. If you want a top Alexa ranking, follow these easy steps:

1. Update your website or blog on a regular basis, at least 3-4 articles per week
2. Encourage your customers to install the Alexa toolbar (It’s safe)
3. Claim your website on 
4. On the same page, there's an option for entering and editing your site's listing.  Make sure you have a listing on Alexa and it's up-to-date 
5. Also use on of Alexa's site widgets from the following page 
6. Get more visitors on your blog especially from the blogging community.  Encourage sharing through social media
7. Exchange links with other relevant sites that already have a strong Alexa ranking
8. Do not use automated methods to artificially inflate your Alexa ranking!

I'm hoping I've given you some insight into Alexa and how it works to rank websites.  If you'd like to learn more about improving your Alexa ranking and receive step-by-step instructions on achieving a ranking of 100,000 or better, view my Alexa ranking guide.


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