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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Most of you who have been reading my blog for some time know that I'm a big fan of getting the word out in any way possible. Whether you're using PR, direct mail, or pay-per-click marketing, being in front of your target audience whenever and wherever they may happen to be is good for your brand. I'm also a huge proponent of networking.

In combination, marketing effectively and networking, with those who can help your cause are a great way to elevate your brand. This creates awareness, interest, and desire. With the help of digital marketing (a.k.a. Internet marketing), these concepts of Networking and Brand Promotion are reaching new heights.

Internet Marketing on the Go!

A while back I published my first book, SEO Made Simple, to share my knowledge of search engine optimization with a segment of my marketing audience who were building web sites, launching blogs, and focused on affiliate marketing. Since then, the book has expanded to reach broader audiences interested in online marketing for themselves, their businesses and even their clients. What I never expected was that by delivering the content in a different format, I would be able to share it with so many more people interested in what I had to offer.

After relaunching my first book digitally (Amazon Kindle), and publishing my second book PPC Made Simple in both digital format and in print, I've discovered a new avenue for sharing information and improving online marketing.

Thinking about how this applies to the businesses that I consult with, I can't help but think about the portability and viewing of information. For example, how are you sharing your information with customers? Brochures and print materials are less important than they once were. Still producing that $40 catalog? Consider printing a smaller catalog and publishing your content online. There you can add reviews, comparisons, and other value adds.

Think Digital to Win the Marketing Game

When I saw my content on an iPad, I almost flipped. Even though it was published electronically, seeing it on an actual device made it real for me. Yet this is what more and more of our customers are interacting with on a regular basis. How will you compete? What's your digital strategy?

Think through all aspects of your marketing plan: Audience, Messaging, Timing, and Offer. Consider the modality that it needs to be delivered in. I'm not suggesting that you stop using print all together but rather consider offering multiple formats that your audience can consume when, where, and however they choose.

Today's take-a-way is that if you're not thinking .mobi or Today's take-a-way is that if you're not thinking .mobi or iPad or Smart phone, think again. How is the digital platform changing marketing? It already has!


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