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Monday, December 10, 2012

Mobile Marketing Has Changed Forever!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mobile development and marketing has been the bane of marketer’s existence for some time. Companies understand the significance of reaching consumers via mobile devices but seldom understand the work involved in developing and maintaining a separate website. As a marketer you may know about the value of mobile but also understand the work involved in developing, maintaining, and marketing a mobile website. 

Given limited resources, companies have often “thrown up” a basic mobile site – if they have one at all – to meet the explosive demand of mobile. However, many of these sites have limited functionality and significant overhead. When you add in the work associated with developing, maintaining, and optimizing a traditional websites in addition to a secondary asset for mobile browsers, any available bandwidth quickly evaporates into thin air and it seems virtually impossible to get things done. That is, until now…

I recently had the good fortune and opportunity to speak with Ajay Kapur, CEO and founder of Moovweb and CMO, Mitch Bishop. My interest was to learn more about mobile marketing and what companies are doing to help businesses overcome the obstacles of mobile development. And, most importantly, mobile marketing. 

Moovweb is on the cutting edge of mobile experiences and today announced their patent-pending, cloud-based “virtualization” engine for mobile, designed to speed the delivery of mobile sites and applications. In essence, they’ve created the next generation of mobile site development to enhance the browsing experience for consumers, empower marketers, and make life a lot easier for designers and programmers.

If you’re new to mobile technology and marketing, Moovweb is an established company that offers technology that drives mobile experiences for some of today’s leading, most well-known brands: 1-800 Flowers, Under Armour, Macy’s, John Deere, Accenture. Their mobile solution is the world’s busiest, having served more than seven billion mobile page views to millions of consumers. Moovweb’s technology allows a business’s mobile sites and apps to constantly sync with desktop sites, including all content, features, and other development efforts. With this approach, powerful mobile experiences can be delivered in days, not weeks or months. Their latest announcement, bringing this platform mainstream in the form of developer, small business, and enterprise versions, is a significant paradigm shift in the marketing domain. Although other companies offer mobile development platforms, this company, in my opinion is the industry leader.

In the past, marketers had to focus part of their staff on mobile. This may have included the mobile experience, design, programming, marketing and tracking. What the release of this platform allows is the combining of desktop websites and mobile into a single experience that leverages much if not all of the same content. Imagine being able to make changes on your desktop site that are immediately translated into mobile yet having the ability to test, tweak, and refine the mobile experience for improved ROI and customer cultivation. Unifying Web and mobile development is, in a word, Nirvana. Marketers now have a true asset to improve speed to market, testing, and results at a reduced cost.

According to Moovweb’s press release, “Businesses need to add valuable features quickly to remain competitive. With Moovweb, those features are instantly available to all channels, cutting down on development costs and speeding time-to-market; not only at product launch but for on-going improvements. Innovation is accelerated and customers gain the benefit of consistent interactions across all channels.”

As marketing transitions from a single platform, the PC, to multiple viewing devices from mobile phones to tablets, marketers must continue to find ways of rising above the technology discussion and focus on user experience. The Moovweb platform is the first to do this in a significant way, serving as a beacon of light through the often troubling maze of marketing via different devices. This solution can provide the means to adapt to new technology and implement money-making features across mobile channels quickly and efficiently. By leveraging a single set of web assets, companies can deliver exception experiences to customers and do so more quickly than ever imagined.

About the Moovweb Platform
Moovweb uses a specialized technique called site virtualization that enables a mobile site or application to instantly inherit 100% of the content, features and business logic of a desktop site – a complex task that has previously taken considerable time and resources to create. Moovweb can virtualize a desktop site in seconds instead of weeks. Once virtualized, a developer or designer uses Moovweb’s free interface to customize the mobile experience for their audience. When ready for testing or deployment, the mobile experience is pushed live to 

Moovweb’s high-performance, secure, cloud-based infrastructure for testing. Moovweb then syncs content, features and business logic across all Web experiences in real-time. A first for developers and marketers everywhere! Developers use a Web interface to configure and monitor projects, manage users, learn about the platform and get support.

Moovweb is now commercially available in three editions:

  • Moovweb Developer Edition
  • Moovweb Small Business Edition
  • Moovweb Enterprise Edition

  • For additional information on Moovweb, visit:

    The reality is that marketers must be comfortable with mobile. If you have never engaged in mobile marketing, now is a great time to do so. As companies develop technology that supports a user’s experience across devices, focusing on tracking and metrics that marketers are comfortable with can be leverage for additional insights and results. I encourage you to learn more about mobile marketing and how to fully integrate this channel into your integrated marketing campaigns. 


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